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Dear David:

After being injured in a bike race, I went through months and months of physical therapy. I saw two different orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors. I had cat scans, MRI's and x-rays. None of them helped me enough to be able to race again and I was always in pain. Some doctors told me nothing was wrong, some told me not to ride anymore. David immediately determined the source of the problem. I started to be able to ride pain free and stay pain free. After a few more visits with David, I started to feel much better. David recommended specific stretches and exercises for me to do on a daily basis (I still do them today...3 years later). I recommend seeing David Priest. He helped me and if you are like me and have tried almost everything, give David a try. No one should live with pain. Thanks to David, I'm riding pain free, living pain free and racing again!! Thanks David.
-Donna Davis
Capital Velo Club
Cat 4 Women's and Masters 45+

Our son is a competitive soccer player at the NCAA D-3 level. During his team's spring training session he began to develop an issue with his groin, which continued without improvement throughout the summer. We were then referred to David who quickly identified the cause of our son's injury, the muscle imbalance that was contributing to it and the proposed course of action to correct it. Our son left for college a month later, fully recovered and went on to start and play in every one of his games this past fall, and is also pain free to this day. David's approach worked for our son. We would recommend David to any parent of a son or daughter participating in high school or college sports with any type of muscle pull, strain or imbalance. -David Geyer

Two years ago, I was in a car accident that left me with a whiplash injury. I went to see David after a year of frustrating chiropractic treatment. I am amazed at the difference in my range of motion. It used to be difficult for me to keep my head up throughout the day. After just a few sessions, I was able to hold my head up without effort, and my pain was virtually gone. A year later, I still feel great! I will tell others my story of how David made such a strong impact in my life. Thank you. -S. Harris

Like many people, I have troubled with lower back pain for years. Thinking it was one of those "age-related things," I had resolved to live with it. Fortunately, I encountered David. After one session with David, I was able to turn over in bed without pain for the first time in 10 years. David showed me some exercises so that if the pain ever does come back, I can alleviate it myself. I've done this once, and the process works, as David ensured me it would.-Gretchen

David has the magic touch. As an avid tennis player, I have incurred several tennis and non-tennis related injuries over the years. David has solved all of my problems with tennis elbow, wrist pain and knee trauma, as well as pulled muscles in the groin and thigh. Further he has shown me how to both protect myself from injury and handle minor events on my own. His professional skills are such that I have recommended friends and co-workers to visit him with complete confidence.-Nathan Mag

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